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About the Artist

After studying at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Sue Averell worked for several years in the printing industry. In 1996 she realized she could combine the knowledge received from Art Center with her printing expertise to start her own design and illustration company, Moonshot Media.

In 2002 Sue began working full time in her painting studio creating works for her studio events, gallery shows and the Celebration of Fine Art, an annual 3-month fine art show in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, Sue accepts commissioned artwork by both corporate and individual clients to create personal paintings that meet their needs. Call the Gallery for more details.

Artist Statement

Painting is more than just a creative discipline, it is my vocation. Even as a child I looked at the world with the eyes of an artist, trying to figure out how to capture what I saw onto paper. My style has evolved through the years, but it stands today as a process of escaping the confines of optical reality. It is my intent to enable the viewer to feel the energy I put forth in the creation of my works through the use of expressive paint and color application.

I strive to communicate and evoke emotion by juxtaposing idiosyncratic choices of complementary and dissonant colors, and adorning the canvas with paint splatters alluding to energy, freedom, and action. Emotion is further expressed via uneven textures created through the thick application of paint. These elements combined assist in achieving my ultimate object which to optically draw the viewer to explore the composition. Equally valuable is providing my viewer with an image that is full of intricate features and meaning so that they are encouraged to come back time after time, seeing a different hidden detail each visit.

Symbolic iconography is subtly embedded throughout the work that is not only of personal significance, but also serves as a way for the individual to interpret the work through their own life experience. Such evocative and compositional elements include images referring to the abstract notion of change; either changes in life in general or sudden shifts in the cadence of the composition. For example, blue and black butterflies are indicative of one stage of a metamorphosis, the numbers “3, 2, 1 " signify a count down to change, and random circles, either scratched into or layered onto the surface, that insinuate portals to unexpected change. Another important feature is the expressive treatment of the black line in my paintings, which serves as a visual vehicle to aid the viewers’ optical journey through the image.

So as you look upon my canvases of saturated color fields, strategic compositions, and evocative images, it is my hope that you will be filled with the sensation of freedom, freshly liberated into a sky of unlimited, imaginative horizons.

St. Thomas Inspired
canvas, 15x30

Reality Skewed
canvas, 30x30

If I Had a Treehouse
canvas, 72x84

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