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About the Artist

Sherry Miller has exhibited frequently in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine and San Francisco. In addition to working in oils, Miller has used digital media since 1978 when early color copiers became available. Her intensely colored oils, oil pastels, watercolors and giclee prints portray several major themes: Africans and other third world people; and Monet-like landscapes. Sherry also sews painted quilts. These consist of pieces of canvas, painted paper, or a series of small paintings or laser prints of original paintings, machine stitched together with a wide variety of themes from abstract, to Russian churches, to landscapes, gardens, and even fish quilts. Her American Landscape Quilt, 6' x 7' consisting of 42 oil paintings, was displayed in a craft exhibition in the San Francisco Airport.

Sherry studied art history at Barnard College and Columbia University. She studied studio art at the Pennsylvania Academy, the Tyler School of Art, Columbia University Graduate School, and the Art Students League in New York City. Arriving in California in late 1991, Miller became an early Internet visionary, guru and web developer. She also maintained a studio for many years at Hunter's Point in San Francisco but currently works every day in her studio in Sausalito.

Artist Statement

Since growing up in Philadelphia, a severely racially polarized environment, I have painted African Americans and native Africans perhaps as a way of healing my early experiences there. In 1988, I spent a month in the West African country of Cameroon. People I met in Cameroon continue to figure prominently in my work. As world politics continue to evolve, I feel that portraying Africans in visual media becomes a political statement.

A Lily's Not a Rose I
oil, 36x36

A Lily's Not a Rose II
oil, 36x36

Garden Path
oil, 40x40

Lilies in the Forest 2
oil, 36x36

St. Basil's
oil, 36x36

Entering Mogadishu
oil, 36x36

Fall Trees
oil, 10x10

Fall Tree
oil, 10x10

Red Sunset
oil, 10x10

Grande Fish Quilt 2
sewn print quilt, 12x16

Grande Fish Quilt 3
sewn print quilt, 12x16

Fish Quilt 16
sewn print quilt, 9x12

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